Vår Historie

Anita Uldahl, today’s designer of FJØS, started as buyer and coordinator of women's clothing at the global fashion company Møller & Co from Denmark in 1991. She founded and registered her clothing brand Uldahl as a trademark in 1997 and worked as a designer for the next 20 years. Uldahl became a well-known fashion designer selling her own styles in more than 800 stores around the world. She built up a network of competence partners including suppliers of garment and production facilities in Asia with a logistic and distribution center in Denmark. The core of the organization was the design department located in Hong Kong until spring 2015. Uldahl produced around 500 styles every year, including a new collection every season, demanding urban women clothing with an edge.


Uldahl made a change in life, closed the international distribution center in Denmark and moved to Norway in the summer of 2015. The concept of FJØS was created, developed and set in motion. The first shop was established in Lillehammer, Norway in august 2015. FJØS is a used trademark since then. The first store was established in Fabrikken, a cultural center where ceramics, pottery, art and jewelry were produced on a small scale.


Nowadays, Uldahl designs up to 30% of her collection and produces another part in cooperation with partners from Italy, India, Vietnam, Hong Kong and China. The balance of the production are other brands from Italy, Denmark, Korea and Hong Kong. Some of the brands at FJØS are high fashion in other markets in Europe and Asia but still unpopular in Norway. Therefore, FJØS can be considered as a multi-brand store concept.